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TRISH WWF Diva Trish
Real Name: Trish Stratigias
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 118 lbs.
Date Of Birth: December 18, 19??
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Trish Stratus is a young Canadian beauty, much more than just a "Muscle Mag" chick. Born and raised in a close Canadian family in Toronto, Ontario, Trish was always a good student in school and was alwasy interested in her sports. Her focus as a teenager was not hanging out at the mall like many of her peers. She kept herself busy with hockey and soccer.

Her ambition was to become a doctor. She had never thought of a carrer in the world of 'fitness'. Her career in fitness began a few short years ago, while studying biology and in preparation for medical school, her life took a change in direction after her university went on strike. She found a job at a gym as a receptionist.

It was here that she came across a picture of Marla Duncan, a very popular fitness model and decided that she could also obtain this. Trish then promtly began training on her own and later, with Scott Able, who helped her to continue further.

Trish's journey into the world of fitness began when she met Robert Kennedy of MuscleMag International. She carried out a test photo shoot, followed by strict training/diet and within six months had her first location shoot with MuscleMag.

Since then, Trish has been in MuscleMag, and has also appeared in Strong and Shapely. She also became involved in the INBA (International Natural Bodybuilding Association) and is a member of the Natural Team Canada. And just a few months ago she joined "the best damn soap oper on TV", the WWF, as the manager of T & A, aka Test and Albert.